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Dog World's Canine Good Citizen and Obedience Class

AKC Certification and Therapy test preparation:

For dogs completing obedience classes and wanting further advancement (required by certifiers).  Basic commands are practiced: sit, stay, down, come, stay with owner, walking away, stay to walk away and come command from a distance.  Socialization with humans and other animals is practiced and tested.   This class is taught by AKC Certified instructors and the AKC test is included in the class price.  This class is also a pre-requisite for the Therapy Dog Certification Program.  The class meets once a week for 5 weeks.  The handler and dog team are prepared for everything expected to be able to visit nursing homes, hospitals, schools or any place therapy dogs are an asset.
The next class begis 11/21/19 (5:30pm-6:30pm) and 11/23/19 (10am-11am)
                                                                        5 week class..........$90
 At Dog World we build a lasting bond of trust, love and teamwork between the dog and its owner.  One of the many ways we accomplish that goal is through our Training Academy.  Our learning environment and services are specifically designed to foster the relationship between dogs and their owners by improving understanding and communication. 
We offer training services to fit your dog's personality and learning style.  Our trainers will help guide you to the program that will best fit you and your dog.



Dog World Training Academy

Our goal is to train people how to modify canine behavior to get the results they need.  Our trainers study canine body language and pack behavior with emphasis on communication.

Adult Canine Training Packages

Individual Private Lesson: 

This session is tailored to your specific problems with your dog and focuses on how to modify unwanted behavior.  Humans are taught "how" to  train their dog- the session is meant to only be a beginning of a learning relationship that develops high levels of trust. Day and evening times available.  Please call Dog World (812-375-2334) or email for appointment.
                                                                                               1 hour private session at Dog World: $50

In home training also available.






My labradoodle and I spent an hour with Nick last Monday and now there is no stopping us!!! I have read and followed Cesar Millan for many years and can not believe how fortunate I am to find an instructor using Cesar's ways only 20 minutes from my home!!! Thank you Nick for sharing your experiences and wealth of information to help us dog lovers connect with our beloved dogs!!!

My husband and I are so impressed after meeting for a one on one session with our new rescue pup. Nick educated us on how to correct behavior and after just an hour long session, we see a HUGE change in our dog. Nick even offered to follow up at our home at a later time. Highly recommend!


STAY AND TRAIN (Boot Camp for Paws):

For the busy owner that wants an obedient dog, but no time to train.  Multiple Dog World trainers train the dogs to the level of AKC Good Citizen- making for a great pet.  This is a 5 day program where the dogs stay at Dog World, with two meetings with the owners (one in home) to explain and show what we do to create the well behaved dog.  All standard commands are taught and the dogs are taken out into public locations.   Next AVAILABLE boot camp starts:  11/3/19-11/8/19


5 day training + overnight stay: $460