Daycare Pricing

Single Day            $18

Five Day Pass       $85

Ten Day Pass       $165

Twenty Day Pass  $295

Thirty Day Pass     $380        

*Passes may be used as needed- not required to be used consecutively. (Example: 30 day pass may be used one day per week for 30 weeks.)  Passes may be used on multiple dogs in the same family*
Daycare Requirements:
Dogs must be 6 months and older and must be spayed or neutered to attend. Proof of current vaccinations is required prior to coming to our building. Rabies, DHLPP, Flu shot, Bordetella (required every 6 months,) and the results of an Ova and Parasite with Giardia  ELISA 24 hour lab test on a stool sample (also required every 6 months).  
All dogs are taught basic control skills- no jumping on trainers, no barking, no moving through gates until instructed.

At Dog World

What your DOG gets:

Year round exercise in a large climate controlled indoor & outdoor play area.
Lots of love and attention

We also "train every dog every day".

What YOU get:

Peace of mind AND
A tired and happy dog!

Dogs just love daycare at Dog World. With ample room to play, lots of human attention and plenty of canine companionship, it’s just the thing for the bored, stressed or lonely pet. If you work long hours, daycare will benefit both you and your pet.


My little guy loves going to Dog World. It is the only place he's happy to go without me. He loves the staff and all his play friends.

Such a great place. Nice owners. Very clean and employees are so nice.

Nick and the workers have taught me and my dog so much. We havent been going to classes for long but you can tell they know their stuff and they love to help others. I cant wait to ser thr positive changes in my dog. The facility is very nice, spacious, and clean.


Dogs are cared for by employees who have trained with Joel Silverman, Todd Langston, Cesar Millan, Gary Wilkes and Dr. Ian Dunbar.

Great place, our Buddy loves to go there and play, we can drop him off and know he is being taken well care of, everyone there are very nice and friendly!!.

Beyond the great facility, I appreciate the care we receive.  Nick, you are so lucky to employ so many kind and caring staff members. They really enjoy working with dogs and working for you. Their attitude feels like they REALLY care about my girls.
And, they are always friendly and smiling.
Thanks for having a great facility staffed  with a great crew! 

All I have to say is "let's go to school" and our 1yr old boxer goes to the door waiting. He loves Dog World. They have help with shaping him into an awesome dog and we very much appreciate it!

Open M-F 6am to 5:30pm.